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OxStem Appoints Chief Executive Officer

OxStem Limited is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Stuart Collinson to the role of Chief Executive Officer and Chairman.

Press release here.

OxStem Limited Establishes Two New Subsidiary Companies: OxStem Immuno and OxStem Beta

OxStem Beta and OxStem Immuno are OxStem’s fifth and sixth subsidiary companies. Following the spin out of OxStem in May 2016 from Oxford University, the company has already established four subsidiaries, each with a specific disease focus: OxStem Oncology, OxStem Neuro, OxStem Ocular and OxStem Cardio, which are developing treatments for cancer, neurological diseases, ocular diseases and heart disease, respectively. OxStem Beta will build on this with its focus on the treatment of diabetes, while OxStem Immuno is seeking treatments for chronic inflammation and wound healing.

Please see our full press release here 

Oxford Stem Cell Institute Symposium 2018 -  "Stem Cells: From Mechanism to Therapy” 


The 2018 Annual Oxford Stem Cell Institute Symposium "Stem Cells: From Mechanism to Therapy” will be held on the 12th and 13th November. at St Hugh’s College, St Margaret’s Road, Oxford. With researchers from Oxford, Cambridge, Europe and the US, the symposium will profile current research and challenges in our understanding of how stem cells can be manipulated for the development of effective regenerative medicine in a range of diseases including retinopathies, metabolic and genetic skin disorders, neurodegeneration, musculoskeletal disease, heart failure and cancer.  To register please visit: Numbers are restricted to 200 and so register early to ensure your place.

OxStem Appoints Chief Scientific Officer

OxStem Limited is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Georg C. Terstappen to the role of Chief Scientific Officer (CSO). Press release here.

Prof Paul Riley Publishes Lymphangiogenesis Paper in Journal of Clinical Investigation

Prof Paul Riley, co-founder of OxStem Cardio, this month published work in the Journal of Clinical Investigation entitled "The cardiac lymphatic system stimulates resolution of inflammation following myocardial infarction". Prof Riley's findings support targeting of the lymphatic/immune cell axis as a therapeutic paradigm to promote immune modulation and heart repair.

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OxStem Oncology aims to develop unique treatments for a wide range of cancer types. While current therapies can remove the majority of the tumour, the ‘cancer stem-like cells’ (CSLCs) that account for a very small proportion of the tumour can persist unaffected by numerous therapeutic interventions. OxStem Oncology aims to identify a new class of drugs that will differentiate CSLCs to more benign states and improve clinical outcomes and overcome resistance/relapse. 


OxStem Neuro will identify a new class of drugs that will stimulate de novo neuron production from neural stem cells that will compensate for disease pathology in neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease, and restore cognitive function. OxStem Neuro’s approach aims to significantly reduce the impact of the disease on cognitive function, by replenishing the lost neurons.


OxStem Ocular aims to devise treatments for degenerate retinopathies by identifying a new class of drugs that will stimulate appropriate precursor cells within the retina of patients and increase the photoreceptor numbers to restore vision. The identification of small molecules able to repair damaged cells in vivo would represent a step change, overcoming many of the limitations of current therapies.