The regenerative medicine field is very large. We have therefore referenced and where possible, made available for download, selected relevant papers that provide an understanding of in-situ cell modulation biology and therapeutics in regenerative medicine.

The papers are divided into:

  • Review articles
  • Books and book chapters
  • Primary literature


Review Articles

Regenerative Medicinal Chemistry: The in Situ Control of Stem Cells, Angela. J. Russell, ACS Med. Chem. Lett. 2013, 4, 365−368

Stemistry: The Control of Stem Cells in Situ Using Chemistry, Stephen G. Davies, Peter D. Kennewell, Angela J. Russell, Peter T. Seden, Robert Westwood, and Graham M. Wynne, J. Med. Chem., 2015

Regenerative Medicine Report, House of Lords, Science and Technology Committee, 2014

Regenerative Medicine Evidence and Responses, Lords Select Committee, Science and Technology Committee Publications, 2013-14

A Strategy for UK Regenerative Medicine, MRC, 2012

Books and Book Chapters

Davies, S. G. and Russell, A. J.* Chemical Biology of Stem Cell Modulation, in New Frontiers in Chemical Biology, Bunnage, M. E. (Ed.), Royal Society of Chemistry, 2011, ISBN: 184973125X.

Primary Literature

De novo cardiomyocytes from within the activated adult heart after injury,  Smart et al. Nature 2011, 474, 640

Wilkinson, R. N.; Gering, M.; Russell, A. J.; Davies, S. G.; Kimelman, D. and Patient, R. Hedgehog and Bmp Polarize Hematopoietic Stem Cell Emergence in the Zebrafish Dorsal Aorta. Dev. Cell 2009, 16, 909–916

Soncin, F.; Mohamet, L.; Eckardt, D.; Ritson, S.; Eastham, A. M.; Spencer, H.; Bobola, N.; Russell, A. J.; Davies, S. G.; Kemler, R.; Merry, C. L. R. and Ward, C. M. Abrogation of E-cadherin mediated cell-cell contact in mouse embryonic stem cells results in reversible LIF-independent self-renewal. Stem Cells 2009, 27, 2069–2080.


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